Loft Boarding - Unlock Hidden Space In Your Loft.

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At Access4Lofts we believe that your home has untapped potential just waiting to be discovered.

One of its best-kept secrets lies right above your head - your loft!

Boarding your loft is more than just creating a bit of extra storage; it's about transforming your living space, enhancing your lifestyle, and adding value to your home.

We're here to help you make the most of this valuable asset.

Ultimate Package


  • 10m2 Specialist Loft Boarding
  • Aluminium Loft Ladder
  • UVPC Loft Hatch
  • FREE LED Loft Light
  • Fitting Included
Limited Time Only!

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Here are five of the irresistible reasons why you should have your loft professionally boarded:

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    Are you battling to keep your home clutter-free? Do you feel it's time to free up precious space? If your house is creaking at the seams and it's getting you down then a safe, spacious loft for storage is the perfect answer. You can say goodbye to chaotic wardrobes and overflowing garages.

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    With a professionally boarded loft for storage you can organise all the things you want to keep but don't need right now into a professionally boarded, easily accessible space.

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    Gone are the days of dark, dingy unsafe lofts that you dread accessing and exiting. Contemporary loft ladders and hatches are designed to make your loft entry and exit safe and secure. You'll be amazed at their functionality, safety features and sophistication!

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    There's no need to wait months for construction. We can install your loft boarding efficiently and expertly, usually in just a day! Our skilled loft boarding specialists can tailor your loft to fit your needs perfectly. Whether that means adding shelves, cupboards or even lighting to create the ideal storage and functional space, we have the skills and experience to deliver the result you need.

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    Here's a secret about your heating at home. Enhanced Insulation. Loft boarding helps with better insulation, keeping your living spaces warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer! Enjoy improved energy efficiency and a cosier home all year round.

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